Customs Brokerage, Inland Transportation
Warehousing,  Project Management

Company Information

Freight Forwarders Kenya Ltd (FFK) was established in 1973. With plus 40 years of experience, FFK has developed a network of subsidiaries and agents enabling the organisation to offer a comprehensive range of Clearing, Forwarding & Logistics Services.

FFK is a member of the Kenya International Clearing, Forwarding and Warehousing Association. FFK was also a founding member of the Asssociation's predecessor, the Kenya Clearing Forwarding and Warehousing Association

Customs Clearance, Marine Services, Warehousing, Inland Transportation, Project Management

FFK services are delivered in the most challenging harsh terrains in East Africa, including remote areas of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Eastern D.R.C., Rwanda and Burundi. We are regularly required to provide such services in a total green-field environment, often in areas lacking basic infrastructure. Using specialized equipment, FFK often provide the initial supply chain to make a project possible despite the lack of infrastructure.

Over the recent years, many large cargo movement projects have been carried out by FFK. Our teams work “on-site” to prepare cargo for shipment in an efficient manner, they charter vessels and aircrafts; draft road surveys and access sites; setup logistic platforms and load optimization plans to transport, haul, lift, move, carry and deliver cargo within deadlines. With commodity values making remote area projects more viable, the diversity of the logistics services supplied by FFK is combined with the full support of our network of subsidiaries that have made us a valuable contributor to the resource sector’s advancements.

Stevedoring & Shore handling, Port operations


Specialized Transport Services


Shipping and Aircraft Agency


Documentation, Pre-inspection &  Licensing


Customs Advisory Services & Clearance


Warehousing & Inventory Management

Our Commitment
Providing an East African integrated Turnkey Project Forwarding Services on a global scale to the Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) Companies
Hanif Somji – Managing Director

Planning and physical surveys for turnkey transport solutions
Jeff Pereira – Director

About Us

As the leading logistics provider in the East African region with over 30 years of experience, FFK offer a wide-ranging services in Customs Brokerage, Inland Transportation, Project Management & Warehousing. We are an asset based company with a network of subsidiaries who have demonstrated constant growth over the years..

FFK Project Management

FFK has earned and marked a reputation of being one of the foremost providers for specialized cargo movements and heavy lift mobilization services. With our experience in the infrastructure, oil & gas, power and mining industry, we have the unique ability to provide logistics management which makes us an invaluable partner in this market. The range of services provided is described fully herein and summarized as follows:-

Customs Brokerage
Sea Freight logistics
Air Freight logistics
Road Freight logistics

Project Management
Specialized Heavy Haulage
Specialized Project Cargo Handling
Convoy leadership
Satellite cargo tracking
On site Delivery and Positioning

Port Operations
Marine Services
Vessels’ stevedoring
Bulk handling Services
Machinery condition survey

CFS Operator
Groupage & Deconsolidation
Free & bonded warehousing
Removal & Packing Service

Inland Transportation
Heavy Haulage
Heavy Lift
Emergency Response Unit
General Cargo Handling
Route Survey
Journey Management Plans
Satellite Cargo Tracking
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Freight Forwarders (K) Ltd
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80100. Kenya

Leslander House.
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